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Updated: Jun 29

We’re looking for a Creative Producer to work with us on our next show in February 2021 (stand by for the full announcement, but there's a sneak preview below). Could that be you? Click here for more information on the role and how to apply.

We Ask These Questions of Everybody [working title]

An electronic opera by Amble Skuse and Toria Banks

"Find a disabled community, they will save your life, they will teach you many things - how to survive in a world that’s not made for you.”

Hannah needs help. She meets Lynn. Lynn works for a company that works for the Department of Work and Pensions. An assessment takes place. And then something else.

This is an encounter between two women, an audience, and a riotous chorus of disabled voices. With text drawn from real conversations; samples, soundscapes and singing; and interactive software; We Ask These Questions of Everybody shares radical, surprising and utopian disabled perspectives on self, society and the body.

This is a 50-minute live and digital operatic event sharing disabled people’s experiences under austerity in the UK, performed by an exceptional cross-genre, all-disabled ensemble.

A Sound Festival commission supported by Help Musicians, Mahogany Opera Group, Ignite Ticket Fund and Creative Scotland.


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