Generators: who's who?

We’ve met a whole host of wonderful performers over the past few weeks – thank you so much to everyone who got in touch about joining the GENERATION team. The talent and energy on show really blew us away, but sadly we could only afford to fit three more people in the tour bus.

We are thrilled to introduce you to those three brilliant people:

(L to R) Donna Bateman soprano | Lana Bode musical director | Shakira Tsindos mezzo-soprano

They will be joining this crack team for GENERATION’s premiere in York’s Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall on Friday 18 October 2019:

(L to R) Toria Banks director | Linda Hirst performer | Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian composer | Sabrina Mahfouz librettist

And, although she won’t be joining us in York, a huge thank you to Jessica Cottis for her help and support along the way.

Interest piqued?

Keep an eye out for more from these brilliant people in the #generators blog series all this week, featuring everything from opera to garage via avant-pop and performance art. What a team.

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