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'Response' is a new online piece created to mark the second anniversary of the first Covid 19 national lockdown in the UK. We wanted to do something to acknowledge the time that had passed. So we commissioned and recorded a new setting of an old poem. We chose the poem because it spoke to us about things that have given us comfort.


You can listen and watch the video with captions below. 

It's 4 minutes long. 

The poem 'Response' was written by New Zealand writer Mary Ursula Bethell (1874-1945), in reply to a letter from her partner Effie, away in England. 'In Waning May', a setting of the poem as a duet for two mezzo-sopranos, is American composer Yaz Lancaster's first piece written for a UK group.  

To make the video for 'Response', artist Laura Spark filmed the development of cyanotype prints. 

Watch here 

Released to Hera Subscribers on 23/03/22

Available online from 25/05/22

If you'd like to see Linda and Emily Gray recording 'In Waning May' together in February 2022, take a look at our behind-the-scenes video:



yaz lancaster

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laura spark
video and captions


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