Find a disabled community, they will save your life, they will teach you many things.

How to survive in a world that’s not made for you. 

Hannah needs help. She meets Lynn. Lynn works for a company that works for the Department of Work and Pensions. An assessment takes place. And then something else.

This is an encounter between two women, an audience, and a riotous chorus of disabled voices. With text drawn from real conversations; samples, soundscapes and singing; We Ask These Questions of Everybody shares radical, surprising and utopian disabled perspectives on self, society and the body.

This is a 50-minute live and digital operatic event sharing disabled people’s experiences under austerity in the UK, performed by an exceptional cross-genre, all-disabled ensemble.

A soundfestival commission supported by Help Musicians, Mahogany Opera Group, Ignite Ticket Fund and Creative Scotland.


"Astonishing: elegant, enraging, restlessly inventive"

The i


"There is horror and fury, but also beauty, wisdom and...resilience"

The Stage

"Profoundly articulates the lived physical and emotional nuance surrounding disability"

A Younger Theatre


"Staggering urgency and grace"

Theatre Weekly


Stream live with soundfestival at 5pm (GMT) on 29 January 2021.

Catch up from 10am on 30 January until 28 February 2021.

This show has fully integrated captioning and audio description.

behind the scenes

with Amble and Toria, on the Mahogany Opera blog.

with Amble, the Sound and Music podcast.

cast & creatives


clarence adoo mbe


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nat henderson

marketing design

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laura spark

creative captions


dylan howells

web developer


sandra-mae lux

personal assistant

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ms oruwari

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sonia allori


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victoria oruwari


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joe strickland

digital producer


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eluned charnley

rehearsal live captioning

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toria banks

writer, director

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steph west

hannah, harp


dina rider

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ms oruwari


karen pritchard

rehearsal live captioning

& audio description

with thanks to

‘Hannah’, who let us use her story, her words, and her transcript

All of the interviewees, who spoke to us, and who allowed us to use their words

Antti Saario

Roberta Mock

Hannah and Jack, for providing a calm sonic space for Steph to work in

Sound and Music

and Sound Festival, Creative Scotland, Ignite Ticket Fund, Help Musicians, and Ally and Freddie at Mahogany Opera for supporting this project.